Oetara (JKT)

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Oetara (JKT)

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Yes, another post from North Jakarta coffee shop! Oetara is an Indonesian word using old spelling means North. I love the design of Oetara because it’s so exquisite! Spacious and homey ambience with the touch of  orange and tosca color make Oetara become slightly different to most coffee shop nowadays. Another difference is they turned on Indonesian songs while another coffee shops are prefer with jazz or acoustic one.

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The smoking area in Oetara is quite large comparing to other coffee shop. I love the idea they put half-round large glass as divider between nonsmoking and smoking area. It makes you feel as if you’re in the same area. As you can see, this coffee shop has so many mirror place on the wall above the chair. It’s their identity, maybe?

White Espresso 5oz – IDR 35k

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Just like another espresso with the touch of bitter taste. Nothing so special about this one but this is okay for you if you prefer hot drink. It also doesn’t give strong flavor and it’s good for noncoffee lover who prefers hot drink beside hot flavored tea.

Iced Mocha – 45K

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I prefer cold drink instead of the hot one. So, I think this is one of a good drink I ever taste while coffee shop hoping. I still remember the first sip, it was plain because of the milk but further the mocha taste will come into your mouth and it was really good. The combination of milk and mocha was perfect. None was more dominant and it makes the Ice Mocha as a pleasant drink .

Bakso Marinara Croissant Sandwiches – 65k

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The choice fell on this dish because I haven’t had breakfast at the moment. Just for you who doesn’t know, bakso means meatball. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectation about cafe’s dishes. I frequently underestimating cafe’s foods because my intuition said so. Actually it’s because I often get so so food from cafe and It was my bad, I realize. But this one was an EXCEPTIONAL. I repeat, an EXCEPTIONAL. Bakso Marinara Croissant Sandwiches comes with salty potato chips, and of course meatball with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. In fact, marinara sauce is similar to bolognese sauce. The main ingredient is tomato and the main difference is bolognese sauce come up with ground beef while the marinara one is no beef at all. I fell in love with the bakso from the first bite. It was chewy but in a good way and it’s very delicious. The croissant is okay and the texture is not too thick.

They sell books about coffee and also the equipments for making coffee.

Lastly, I will say this coffee shop is not only about its design but also serving comfort food and good service. The waiters are informative and friendly enough. Will be back for Bakso Marinara Croissant Sandwiches and Gula Melaka Affogato in the next time .

PS: While coming to Oetara, they didn’t accept payment for credit card because the system hasn’t been activated yet. But they do accept payment by debit card. So, it’s better if you buy your cash or debit card also if you plan to hang out at this place.

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See you on the next post!


Jl. Pluit Karang Barat, Blok G6 No. 25A,

Muara Karang, Jakarta Utara

Opening hours:

CLOSED on Wednesday

8AM – 10PM (Monday – Friday)

9PM – 10PM (Saturday and Sunday)


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Yes, North Jakarta, definitely is going to be holy place for coffee shop hoppers. Within months, some coffee shops are opening in North Jakarta. Maybe the owner of those coffee shop see the opportunity to open a coffee shop in this area. No doubt, the success of the pioneers will multiply the number of coffee shop in North Jakarta.

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Are we?

First impression of this coffee shop: I freakin love their front door! Most unique door I’ve ever seen on a coffee shop with Christmas decoration on it. There’s no handle on the door and to open it we just have to push either on the left or right side.

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The door
Deer always be my favorite, always.

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I know went here after having all you can eat sushi wasn’t a good idea. It made me a little too full to try variety of foods on MONKS. Only two drinks and a cake we ordered today will make this review become the shortest one. The only reason why I go to MONKS is my curiosity beat my full tummy for sure.

Avocado Coffee Blended – IDR 45k

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Avocado Coffee Blended comes with blended avocado with chocolate ice cream and shot of espresso. I like the idea that the espresso served separated so we can add coffee based on our preference. Actually the blended avocado just like another blended avocado. Nothing so special about this one. Sweet taste comes from the chocolate ice cream to balance the plain flavor from avocado. If you add the espresso, it will be better because plain mixed with sweet and a shot of espresso will give you a unique taste.

Ice Macha Espresso – IDR 45K

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Good choice for plain-taste lover like me. I like the combination of green tea latte and espresso because it tastes not really sweet. Although it has green color, but the espresso is more dominant than the green tea. Even though the green tea seems to be lost, I think this might be mandatory drink if I go to MONKS.

Milk Chocolate Mouse – IDR 40K 

Ordered this because of super duper unique shape. It looks like a stone, right? But hey, don’t be fooled! Instead of stone, it’s a milk chocolate mouse. What makes it looks like a stone is of course the shape, the texture, and the grey color.So, this “stone” is exactly chocolate mouse with banana inside. The grey color actually is a crumble flakes colored with food coloring. If you get your first spoon, you will taste a not-too-sweet chocolate mouse mixed with real banana. Nothing so special about this one, but you should order to fulfill your curiosity.

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The reading corner provides many kinds of books and magazines. From KINFOLKS, old young-girl-comics (we say it “komik cantik”) to Indonesian old history.


In fact, this coffee shop has many variety of menu. That could be a reason why people come here are really diverse, from teenager to adult people. About the service, been read some review saying that it has pretty bad service but when I came, the service was quite good. It has three floors and there’s at least one servant on every floor to oversee the guests.

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M for MONKS and Merry Christmas in one

Last words, I like this coffee shop because it unique food and it gives me a new experience because I think coffee shop in North Jakarta has different ambience with another coffee shop. See you in next post!



Komplek Graha Boulevard Timur, Summarecon Kelapa Gading

Blok ND1/51, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Opening hours:

7AM – 10PM (Monday – Sunday)


Fillmore Coffee (JKT)

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For the last five months, Fillmore Coffee become a must stop coffee shop for coffee addict. First time visiting Fillmore Coffee, I’m pretty confuse find the location. Its location is in an alley (known for “gang” in Indonesia) and the location is inside the location of Suites@seven Apartment Jakarta. However, the “secluded” spot doesn’t stop people to come especially on weekend because even they’re just opened, some people already waited.



What I love from this coffee shop is the ambience, beside the beautiful study lamp spotted in the corner (And the taste of coffee of course). I like the arrangement of the table where the table and chair is not “uniform” and the table is made with different material. The uniform things sometimes is boring, aren’t they? Also love the big windows and the letter “I Am Home” as the landmark of this coffee shop.

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Iced Mocha – IDR 45k

Processed with VSCO with 5 presetThe Iced Mocha gave a little bit sour and bitter at the first sip. But then, after the milk and mocha is well mixed, it taste good yet not so milky. I like it when the drink is not too milky because too-milky drink usually makes me just drink a little bit and then order mineral water. LOL.

Ice Cappucinno – IDR 42k

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The Ice Cappucinno tastes a little bitter than the Iced Mocha. Just like the Iced Mocha one, this Ice Cappucinno came with not-so-milky texture. The Ice Cappucinno doesn’t give a sour taste like the Iced Mocha one.

Croque Monsieur – IDR 30k 

Perfect choices for the Saturday morning! Actually it’s a slice of bread, with bacon and cheese inside and egg outside the bread. The bread is not so “thick” and I love the cheese trapped between the bread. It gives the salty flavor effortlessly. Fells like have an American Breakfast but all in one, I guess? 

Banana Chocolate – IDR 32k

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My brother chose this cake as the companion of Ice Cappucinno he ordered before and he really likes the taste. He’s a sweet food addict and he said it was mouth-watering. The banana goes well with the chocolate, and what I love from this cake was the real banana flavor and the smell of bananas you can smell. Served with butter to neutralize the flavor if it tastes too sweet to you.

Pain Au Chocolate  – IDR 32k

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Like the other bread with chocolate inside, taste was okay but I prefer the two other dishes we ordered. Textured was crunchy outside and soft inside. 

For your information, they also serve healthy bowl and actually I really want to taste it but I forget to. Entering the coffee shop I directly ordered the Iced Mocha and Croque Monsieur and I don’t know why I felt so full those day so I decided to come again next time to taste the healthy bowl. Will be updating if next I visit Fillmore Coffee.

 It always been good visiting this coffee shop. The coffee, ambience, and services are good in overall. 

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See you in the next post!

Fillmore Coffee
Jl. H. Sidik No. 7, Setiabudi, Jakarta
(Suites@seven Apartment)
Opening hours:
CLOSED on Monday
8AM – 8PM (Tuesday – Friday)
9AM – 9PM (Saturday and Sunday)